Nationwide Expertise
Our experience and background includes work in states from coast to coast. Our ideas and processes can often be applied in most taxing jurisdictions, multiplying your
tax savings.

Innovative Ideas
Specializing in state and local taxation dedicates our resources to continual research, trend analysis, and the development of efficient tax planning. Our dedication of purpose generates innovative and successful ideas providing greater tax savings. While many firms offer state and local tax services, few --if any--go into the detailed investigation that we do. This translates into increased tax savings for your company.

Cost Effective Results
Our fees are contingent upon your approval and acceptance of your tax savings by the appropriate tax authority. We are only paid for what we accomplish, so we have incentive to recover as many tax dollars as possible. It's a low risk, high benefit opportunity for your company.

Time Efficient Service
With your approval, we manage the entire tax saving process, including all necessary research, completion and filing of necessary documents, representation before the applicable taxing authority, and monitoring until realization of your reduction. You review our work, and approve the tax reduction requests. With our approach, there is virtually no increase to your or your employees' workload.

Audit Defense Services
Our audit defense service discovers overassessments and achieves audit liability reductions. Each proposed audit adjustment is reviewed for liability reduction, potential redress and implementation of future tax minimization procedures.

State Tax Consultants provides a complete audit solution including:
- research,
- audit review,
- documentation review and
- paperwork preparation and filing,
- diligent follow-through until the
...audit's successful conclusion.

Strategic Tax Planning
In addition to recovering lost tax dollars, we will design, train your staff, and implement procedures, policies and data processing systems to improve tax compliance accuracy in the future. This service means you will continue to have a return on your investment in us for many years to come, at no additional cost.