Alice L. Chiappellone, previously a large case auditor with the State of Illinois, brings a wealth of public accounting and state tax audit experience to State Tax Consultants. She developed her accounting expertise while working for Touche-Ross, and gained astute knowledge of retailing, computer, leasing, printing, manufacturing, aerospace, and service industries during her tenure as auditor for Illinois. Chiappellone and Olson were appointed advisors to a coalition of major Illinois corporations responsible for working with the Illinois Department of Revenue in developing the Illinois Training Expense Credit regulation. Her more that seventeen years as a tax professional have made her a formidable representative at state administrative hearings at all levels.

Dennis R. Olson has specialized in state and local corporate taxes for over twenty years. He brings more than thirteen years of tax management experience to State Tax Consultants., nine of which he spent with the Quaker Oats Company. His expertise was developed in the areas of income, franchise, and sales/use tax practices in the manufacturing, retailing and service industries. He is accomplished in handling tax audits, has authored successful written protests and appeared at numerous administrative hearings. A member of the Institute of Property Taxation, Taxpayer's Federation of Illinois, and the Chicago Tax Club, he has conducted seminars and workshops nationally on Tax Trends, Sales/Use Compliance and Audit Defense for the Electronics Industries Association, I.P.T., T.E.I., National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers and for the Kroger and Quaker Oats Companies.